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The City of Cleveland's ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCE DIRECTORY provides links and contact information for many useful community, conservation, environmental and governmental organizations.

To Reach US Senators and Representatives

To identify your state and federal elected officials visit and enter your zip code.

To reach U.S. Senators and Representatives
U.S. Capitol Switchboard:

U.S. Senate
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U.S. House of Representatives
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To reach the White House
President Barack Obama
The White House
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To reach State Senators
Ohio Statehouse
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Ohio House of Representatives
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Local Issues

January/February 2011

Major Victory for Clean Air: First Energy to Retire Six Coal Plants
In a huge win for clean air and public health, First Energy announced that the company will retire six of its dirtiest coal-fired power plants. These plants, located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, will stop burning coal by September 1, 2012...
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Radioactive Russian Roulette on Lake Erie??
FirstEnergy submitted their application to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for a 20-year extension to operate its Davis-Besse nuclear power plant east of Toledo. Davis-Besse suffered six “significant accident sequence precursors” – 3 times more than any other American nuclear plant – and is one of the most problem-plagued atomic reactors...
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After Only Forty Years!
Imagine going to our annual Edgewater cleanup and all you had to do was clean Dr. Todd’s pancakes off your plate!  Imagine walking the beach after a storm and watching a romantic sunset, unaccompanied by the stench of raw sewage!  And have beautiful water gardens, free flowing streams, and wildlife right in your neighborhood!  Cleveland is about to take a giant step toward this better future ...
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July/August 2010

Looking for Creative Men and Women! form a committee to perform fundraising activities for the NEO Sierra Club. I'd like to get together to hear your great ideas and to share a few of my own. Never done this before? No problem! Come and help put the “fun” in fundraising!...
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Political Committee
Cuyahoga County is facing fundamental changes to its governmental structure. Critical statewide races are gearing up as well. Northeast Ohio Sierra Club is preparing for its most active cycle yet! We will be working with America Votes to set up ...
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18th Annual Phone Book Recycling Campaign
From June 1 - September 30, old or unwanted phone books can be recycled at twelve locations in the Cleveland Metroparks. Approximately 2.1 million books will be delivered by AT&T in Cuyahoga County this summer...
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May/June 2010

From the Chair
Earthfest at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo was a big success this year! In addition to meeting other environmentalists and enjoying the festivities, we collected signatures on several petitions...
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March/April 2010

From the Chair
Executive Committee News, Membership, Inner-city Outings, Get Active...
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Northeast Ohio Gas Accountability Project: The Environmental Impacts of Oil/Gas Drilling
In Ohio, the so-called “urbanized” drilling program has brought oil/gas drilling literally into our backyards—as close as 100 feet from homes, schools, places of worship, libraries, ...
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November/December 2009

From the Chair
Executive Committee News, Membership, Inner-city Outings, Get Active...
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We need YOU on the NEO Executive Committee!
Environmental leadership awaits you on the Sierra Club's Northeast Ohio Group Executive Committee! As an executive committee member, your knowledge and passion will help govern and guide the group next year and beyond...
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Cleveland Inner City Outings and C.A.S.T.L.E. High School
On October 3rd, the first Inner City Outings (ICO) event was offered to students in the science program at C.A.S.T.L.E. High School. Five students, 2 ICO leaders, and the science teacher attended the Fall Festival at Lake Farmpark for a day of fun, fresh (mostly) air, and educational farm activities...
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New Ohio Advanced Energy Fund Bill Sponsored by Mike Foley
State Rep. Mike Foley recently introduced a bill, HB 301, to finance the Ohio Advanced Energy Fund. We need to rally support for this bill....
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September/October 2009

From the Chair
NEO’s Efforts Pay Off Big Time, NEO SIERRA Recognized by Congress!, Resolution Adopted, NEO Sierra Group Goes Paperless!...
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Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining is NOT Someone Else's Problem
Cleveland Climate Watch Launches the Cleveland Mountain Justice Project to End Northeast Ohio's Complicity...
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New Recycling Facility Opens in North Olmsted
A new concept in metal recycling has come to North Olmsted: Recycle Zone, located just east of the Stearns-Crocker Rd. extension at 28820 Lorain Rd. The concept is a drive-thru facility located outside of an industrial area that allows anyone to recycle for cash ...
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We need a Secretary...East, West, and South siders...Outings...Fundraising...Wine Tasting...
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July/August 2009

FirstEnergy Issue
In our last issue, I reported that we continue in our efforts to stop the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) from granting a requested mercury variance to the FirstEnergy Lakeshore Plant. The OEPA delayed their decision due to...
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Thoughts on the Eve of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative: How Will We Help?
For environmentalists, patience is not a virtue - it’s a necessity. We are nearing the 40th anniversary of the great Cuyahoga River fires (that is plural) of June 1969. Around that time, with soap suds building up at Buffalo, Lake Erie had been essentially declared DOA. Some good did come out of...
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The Last Paper Newsletter!
Say goodbye to the last printed issue of the Sierra Club Northeast Ohio Group Newsletter! In an effort to reduce waste, we're switching to an online electronic format. By moving online, we'll save trees, ink, fossil fuels used in mail transportation, and, of course, money. The newsletter currently costs...
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I hope everyone is having a healthy, happy summer despite the doom and gloom of climate change. Feel good about the fact that you’re in an organization that is doing everything conceivably possible to stabilize the climate. You might feel even better if...
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Edible School Gardens
The NEO Sierra Club recognizes the importance of teaching children about FOOD. Where does food come from? Does food have to be shipped thousands of miles to end up on our plates? Can food be grown without toxic chemicals? How does growing food locally...
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Some members of Sierra Club’s Northeast Ohio (NEO) group who live outside of Cuyahoga County have communicated that they feel unwanted. True, we have held most of our committee meetings, public programs, and activities in Cuyahoga County. We'd like to change that...
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May/June 2009

Local Food
Things are starting to reach critical mass here in Northeast Ohio! People are getting it. More and more food is being grown locally and more and more people are closing the loop and purchasing locally grown food...
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Volunteer Opportunities Ahead!
The Northeast Ohio Group of the Sierra Club is ramping up for summer fun and activism, and we have several projects looking for volunteers!
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Want Fresh Eggs Every Day? Move to Cleveland!
Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman understands that urban farming is a growing trend. He listened to requests from numerous people and groups (including NEO Sierra Club) urging him to...
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Great Lakes Lobby Day
On February 25th, I was among a group of about 150 Great Lakes lobbyists to visit the senate and congressional offices of representatives from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Indiana...
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March/April 2009

Lights Out Ohio
We are all looking forward to the changes in Washington’s attitude toward, and action on, the environment. Better and healthier days are coming. That said, those changes will take time whether the issue is air quality, the raising of mileage standards in cars, or increased availability of alternative sources of energy. In the meantime, the question is,...
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Support RTA's HealthLine
The NEO Sierra Club group supports the RTA's new hybrid transit line, called the HealthLine, which runs along Euclid Ave. from Public Square to East Cleveland. According to the RTA...
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January/February 2009

Jim Soeder
Northeast Ohio Inner City Outings (ICO) lost a dear devoted friend on October 12, 2008. Jim Soeder, long time leader of the Cleveland ICO Goodrich-Gannett group, passed away from brain cancer. We are all still in shock since the diagnosis was just made at the end of June. Jim had been active with the ICO group up until that time. We have all known Jim for different periods of time but, have all held him in high regard for his unwavering dedication to Inner City Outings...
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A Tribute to Ed Hauser
Ed Hauser, a friend and passionate environmental activist, passed away suddenly in November. Ed is best known as the “Mayor of Whiskey Island,” the man who tenaciously fought to preserve natural lands along our Lake Erie shoreline - for all of us...
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See how your NEO Conservation Committee Chairs have been protecting the environment and our health, and advocating for social and political causes. If a chair has not submitted a report, it is usually because they are too busy in their activism, not because there is nothing to report...
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November/December 2008

Fairview Park Cool City Campaign
We introduced the Cool City initiative to the Fairview Park City Council in September. Since that first meeting, the initiative was discussed in Committee Meeting twice, and another meeting was held on October 13th. There is a lot to be considered in becoming a Cool City and Fairview Park is taking the commitment seriously...
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Holden Arboretum Outing
On Sunday September 28 the Northeast Ohio Sierra Club had an outing to Holden Arboretum. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Josh Prager, organized the activity and I led the nature hike...
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Phone in for Alternative Energy
Want your electricity to come from wind and solar instead of coal and nuke? Here's an easy way - just make a quick call...
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Opportunities on the NEO Executive Committee
The NEO group is looking for new members for its executive committee. As an executive committee member, your knowledge and passion will help direct and guide the group next year and beyond...
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September/October 2008

Update on Port Authority's Planned Move to East 55th
The Dike 14 Committee has been working to bring about a serious discussion on the merits of moving the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority from Cleveland's port on the mouth of the Cuyahoga River to East 55th Street. This location would take away public park land and a very popular marina, and put an industrial development right on the doorstep of the Dike 14 Nature Preserve...
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State-Level Efforts in Northeast Ohio
This year is going to be one of the most exciting and empowering election years for the environmental community. The Sierra Club's Blue Team is ramping up this season and coordinating with candidates who are working hard to create a clean energy future and to protect our planet...
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Support Energy Efficiency in the PUCO's rules - please sign today
Sierra Club continues to celebrate the bi-partisan passage of the energy bill in May. The recently adopted energy efficiency and renewable energy standards address several of Ohioans' major concerns: the rising cost of energy, energy security, the struggling economy, and global warming...
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July/August 2008

Autumn Migration
Some birds that nest in the far north tundra environment begin to head south as soon as nesting activity is completed in July and August. The group of birds known as shorebirds lead the way south to wintering grounds making stops along the way to feed. The Lake Erie basin becomes...
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Some Solutions to Storm Water Pollution
Did you know that the vast majority of storm sewer systems discharge directly into a water body without any treatment? Many citizens incorrectly assume that the motor oil or paint that they pour into the storm sewer catch basin on their street will be treated at a waste water treatment plant before it ever gets to a creek, river, or lake...
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May/June 2008

Port Authority's Latest Expansion & Relocation Plan
With little fanfare and justification, the Cleveland City Planning Commission approved one of largest and most costly public works projects in Cleveland’s history in March 2008. The project that was approved is the relocation of the existing Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority eastside facilities to the E. 55th St. Marina area...
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Bird Migration and Survival
As we continue into the Year of the Frog, a worldwide effort to spread awareness of loss of species, we would like to highlight the joy of and concerns about our winged visitors. Beginning at the end of February, our regional spring bird migration occurs in waves, peaking in early May with the neotropical songbirds. But, reminiscent of the warnings of Silent Spring, many of these birds, including common birds that nest in our region, are threatened by human actions once again...
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Let Your Electric Bill Drive a Market for Renewables
Northeast Ohioans who receive their electricity through FirstEnergy (Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company or Ohio Edison) now have the chance to support the development of electricity from renewable sources when they pay their monthly electric bill...
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March/April 2008

Be a part of the Year of the Frog
Worldwide discoveries of amphibians total 5,743 species. Since 1980, over 120 of these species have gone extinct. Currently, 43% (2,469 species) are in decline and 32% are threatened. This list doesn’t include the worldwide extinct and endangered mammals, birds, butterflies, and just about any category of living organism. Ohio has hundreds of endangered species...
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January/February 2008

Coal Plant Controversy in Cleveland
At the end of October, the City of Cleveland’s City Council voted to sign an agreement with AMP-Ohio, who has been supplying Cleveland Public Power with coal-fired power for years. This agreement will be for (among other things) 50 years worth of coal and, hand-in-hand with other towns in Ohio, will help build a new coal plant in southern Ohio on the Ohio River...
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Make Democracy Work
The Northeast Ohio Group of the Sierra Club is going to sponsor a political committee this year. We will have activities ranging from endorsements to work on the presidential campaign...
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November/December 2007

Executive Committee: ELECTION 2008
The following are the candidate statements for election to the NEO Group Executive Committee. The Executive Committee (Ex-Com) is responsible for the management of the affairs and activities of the Sierra Club NEO Group...
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July/August 2007

There's a new food revolution going on in Northeast Ohio: City Fresh.

It's a win-win scenario. Fresh food from local farmers is sold directly to urban residents. Farmers within the city and local countryside get a fair share of the price by selling directly to the consumers...
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May/June 2007

Ninth Annual Conference, Racist Imagery in Popular Culture and Education
The Conference took place at Baldwin Wallace College, the United Church of Christ Pilgrim Congregational Church, and C-Space on April 5-7, 2007. About 50 people attended the conference.

The people who attended the Conference were mostly American Indians who lived in Northeast Ohio, but there were representatives from American Indian Nations from Alaska, Oklahoma, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, etc. There were European-Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, etc....
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Whiskey Island - Cleveland's Waterfront Renaissance!
What a difference 2 months makes! In the March/April newsletter, I wrote a brief history of Cleveland's lakefront and about the continued threat of losing the county's Whiskey Island public property to the Port Authority. The article covered the time from Cleveland's founding over 200 years ago through the activities over the last 2 years. I am happy to inform you that after nine years...
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March/April 2007

Whiskey Island, Ohio - Our Great Lakes Restoration Success Story?
Moses Cleaveland entered the Cuyahoga River in 1796 to lay claim to the land on the western boundary of the United States. Imagine how the Cleveland waterfront would have appeared to him. The forests would have been abundant with wildlife on both sides of the river and pristine water teaming with fish. It didn’t take long for all that to change...
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Save the Date! - The 2007 Natural Areas Conference
Last September, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s annual Conservation Symposium was one of the best ever. In October 2007, the Museum will host the 2007 Natural Areas Conference in place of their annual Conservation Symposium. The event is co-hosted by the Natural Areas Association, a national non-profit that promotes land conservation and stewardship...
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January/February 2007

Ohio is Under Quarantine:

The U. S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service expanded of its EAB quarantine to include the entire states of Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. The new quarantine becomes effective on 12/1/06 following the issuance of a federal order. This order prohibits interstate movement of regulated articles that originate within the quarantine area....
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Caution: Don’t breathe in Northeast Ohio
Breathing in Northeast Ohio may be hazardous to your health. The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) is trying to fix that, and could use your help...
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US, Canadian Cities Fouling the Great Lakes with Raw Sewage
On November 29, 2006, Sierra Legal released a recent investigative report that analyzed twenty cities in the Great Lakes basin and graded them based on how well they manage their sewage. The results are appalling ...
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Calling All Local Issues

Do you know of a local environmental issue in need of attention? Do you have inside information on what's going on in your city or township? With over 5,000 members in Northeast Ohio we count on you to be the Club's eyes and ears of the region. While the Federal government and large corporations continue to wreak havoc on our environment, it is more important than ever before to act as watchdogs in our own backyards.

If you know of a local environmental issue in need of observation or action, please contact the Conservation Committee - Dennis Plank (216) 939-8229.

Remember, no obstacle too great when passionate communities unite.

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Activist Calling Instructions

For those new to calling state or federal representatives, it's easier and less confrontational than it sounds. You will never speak directly with your rep or senator - an aide will answer the phone, take brief notes plus your name and city (sometimes), and that's it.

When calling either state or federal government offices, you will not need to go into detail or defend your position. No one will ever argue with you. They may ask questions to clarify what issue you support or don't support. But it's usually as simple as saying: "Please let my rep know that I want him/ her to support Bill number XX" (if there is a number), or "green building standards in schools", or "more renewable energy"; or "I do not want the US to drill for oil in ANWR!" The staff taking the calls are there to receive your information and forward it on or to provide information you request. They will not question what you support or your beliefs. You will never know if they personally do not agree with you.

One phone call is a lot more important than you may think! A long-time aide in Washington explained that, if a congress person receives many calls at their office, the aide will actually call the congress person on their cell phone, even if they're on the floor of the Capitol, debating. When asked, "How many is a lot?" her response was, "About 20." Your one call can make a difference.

For updates on Sierra Club legislative priorities call 202-675-2394 or log on to

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