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Central Ohio Group Issues

This article is a web exclusive, updated January 25, 2007.

Some Changes to the COG Home Page

By and , Central Ohio Group Webmasters

The Central Ohio Group web site uses colored boxes help organize our articles and make things easier to find. We hope it helps you find information faster and easier.

Note that the title lines of some of the boxes are actually links to more detailed pages. For example, when you click on the Central Ohio Sierra Club Sewers Campaign title, you will go to the page with all the related articles about this issue. Not all the titles work this way, but when they do, you can roll your mouse over the title, and it will underline and your mouse pointer will change to a little hand. That's how you know there is a link there. Click your mouse and you will go to that general topic.

This distinctive format is the work of Webmaster . He has modeled it after the current look and feel of the National Sierra Club page. Kudos to Matt for his work to keep COG on the leading edge of group web pages!

Tell us what you think

We would like your feedback about the new format. Tell us anything you like about it, or what you think could be improved. Just send email to or . We look forward to hearing from you.


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