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Central Ohio Group Calendar Search

Central Ohio Group Calendar Search

Use this page to search for Outings, Meetings, and Activities by date range.

Start date:     End date:     Event type:

Note: for activities not sponsored by the Sierra Club, see Non-Sierra Club Community Events.

  1. Enter the start and end dates for the period you're interested in. (4/30/00, 4/30, April 30 and Apr 30 are all valid dates. If you leave off the year, the system will assume you mean the current year.)
  2. Select the type of events you wish to see, either Outings, Meetings & Activities, or All.
  3. Click on the "Get Events" button to retrieve those events.
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For more information about the types of activities in the calendar, see About Meetings & Activities and About Outings, which includes an explanation of the Outings Rating System (E/S).
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