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Ohio Chapter Information

About the Ohio Chapter

The Sierra Club Mission

  • To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth;
  • To practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources;
  • To educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; and
  • To use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.

The Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club was chartered in 1968 and has an extensive history of grassroots environmental activism in Ohio. More than 15,000 members make up six regional volunteer-driven Sierra Club groups that work on environmental issues in their areas. These groups meet regularly and sponsor a variety of conservation oriented activities including outings events, activist campaigns, and environmental educational programs. The Executive Committee (or ExComm) is the overall governing body of the Ohio Chapter. It makes the broad policy decisions and sets the overall goals that guide the Chapter's work.

There are 15 members of ExComm including at-large members and group representatives. All Ohio Chapter Sierra Club members can vote in the annual election for the at-large members.

Current Members of the Ohio Chapter Executive Committee

Elected Members:
Enid Nagel(Chair), Earl Clausson(Vice-Chair), Tony Szilagye(Secty), Bob Kyle, Andy Betts, Kim Combs, Lorraine McCosker, Larry Schartman (There is currently one vacancy.)

Group Representatives:
Richard Hellman (Alternate Marilyn Wall), Dan Nelson, George Peya

Linda Reeder(Treasurer)
Marilyn Wall (Conservation Chair)

The Ohio Chapter also employs a full time professional staff person who works in partnership with the volunteers in addressing critical environmental issues in the state and works with the Ohio General Assembly to promote the Sierra Club's state legislative agenda. The Chapter's Liveable Communities Campaign focuses on promoting clean transportation choices and stopping suburban sprawl.

Contact Information

Ohio Chapter Office
Ellen Hawkey, Conservation Program Coordinator, ext 304
Cyane Gresham, Water Quality Organizer, ext 311
36 West Gay Street Suite 314
Columbus OH 43215-2811
TEL: [614] 461-0734; FAX: [614] 461-0730

Ohio Chapter Leadership
Nagel, Enid, Chairperson of the Ohio Chapter Executive Committee

Ohio Chapter Conservation Leadership
Marilyn Wall, Chairperson
Agriculture Laurel Hopwood
Corporate Campaigns Marilyn Wall
Energy Ned Ford
Environmental EnforcementMarilyn Wall
Environmental Justice Marti Sinclair
Forest Jorg Freiberg
Forest Plan Revision Jorg Freiberg
Genetic Engineering Laurel Hopwood
Global Population Paul Feezel
Lake Erie Sandy Bihn
Legal Chair Marti Sinclair
Legislative Teresa McHugh
Nuclear Issues  
Political Vicky Mattson
Toxics Marti Sinclair
Sierra Student Coalition  
Wild Lands Vicky Mattson

Ohio Chapter Office - 131 N. High St. #605 - Columbus OH 43215
Tel: [614] 461-0734 - Fax: [614] 461-0730

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